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  • Express Scripts and Medco
    are Now One Company
    Updated On: Sep 26, 2012

    Express Scripts and Medco Health Solutions, Inc., have come together as one company to manage your prescription benefit. Express Scripts will be the new prescription drug provider to many BRS members. Members should experience no change in the quality of service or member experience as a result of this merger.

    To continue providing high-quality service, Express Scripts is proceeding carefully as it brings the two companies together. Please continue to refill your prescriptions as you normally would by using your current prescription drug ID card, member ID number, mail-order refill forms, www.medco.com, and the toll-free member services telephone number on your ID card.

    The combined company is also in the process of changing the name on all of its communications to Express Scripts. Until the renaming process is complete, you may see messages from both Express Scripts and Medco.

    The list of Frequently Asked Questions that follows provides helpful information about your prescription drug benefit and the transition to the Express Scripts name.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Who is Express Scripts?

    A: Express scripts, like Medco, is a prescription benefit manager that helps make the use of prescription drugs safer and more affordable for tens of millions of people. Express Scripts recently merged with Medco Health Solutions, Inc. The combined company will now be known as Express Scripts.

    Q: Why are the two companies combining?

    A: Combining Express Scripts and Medco will allow the new company to do even more to help improve patient health while driving down the cost of prescription drugs.

    Q: How did Express Scripts get my prescription information?

    A: Since Medco and Express Scripts have come together as one company to manage your prescription drug benefit, the information Medco had on file for you is now available to the merged company. Please be assured that Express Scripts will protect your private health information with the same level of security you’ve always received.

    Q: If I need to call Member Services, do I use the same phone number I’ve always called?

    A: Yes. Continue to call the number on your prescription drug benefit ID card.

    Q: Will my member ID number change?

    A: No. Continue using your current prescription drug benefit ID card and the member ID number on the card.

    Home Delivery

    Q: Can I continue order new prescriptions as I normally would?

    A: Yes. Please continue to submit new home delivery prescriptions by mail or have your doctor send them via fax or ePrescribing. Also, continue using your member ID number, order forms, www.medco.com, and the toll-free Member Services number on your ID card.

    Q: Can I still order refills on the member website or by phone?

    A: Yes. Please continue to use www.medco.com or call the toll-free Member Services number on your ID card. You can also use the refill forms enclosed with your prescription orders.

    Q: Will my home delivery packages look different?

    A: The packaging may look different because your medications may be shipped from an Express Scripts Pharmacy or the Medco Pharmacy, depending on factors including weather, medication supply, and the distance between the pharmacy and the delivery address. There may be differences between bottle caps, bottle colors, and the labels used. You may also notice changes in the materials used to package temperature sensitive medications. There will be no changes to your medications or the merged company’s safe, accurate delivery methods.

    Participating retail pharmacies

    Q: Can I still use the same participating retail pharmacy that I do today?

    A: Yes. You can still use the pharmacies in the current retail network.

    Transition to the Express Scripts name

    Q: What name changes might I expect to see?

    A: The Express Scripts name and brand began appearing on most member communication around September 1, 2012. Some communications may still reference Medco along with Express Scripts until the name transition is complete. Below are some examples.

    • Member website. The address will remain www.medco.com. The branding on the website will change to Express Scripts.

    • Letters. Most letters to members will reflect the Express Scripts branding.

    • Literature enclosed in home delivery packages. Information related to prescription orders will refer to Express Scripts and Medco.

    • Member Services greeting. When you call, you will hear reference to Medco is now part of the Express Scripts family of companies.

    Certain communications and organization names did not change on September 1, but will likely change over time such as the Medco Pharmacy, and prescription drug ID cards for existing Medco cardholders.

    Any questions or concerns regarding this matter should be directed to your prescription drug provider, whose number can be found on the back of your prescription ID card.

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