• April 22, 2019
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  • Protect Working People’s Freedom
    Updated On: Mar 15, 2018

    What happened in the House special election on Tuesday night in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District was amazing. Conor Lamb was able to win by a razor-thin margin because of the overwhelming support of union members.

    I am particularly proud of the outcome of this race, not just because my hometown of Nemacolin is in this region, but also because this victory is proof that when we run a strong labor program and talk to members about the issues, we win.

    Sign the pledge to help more labor-friendly candidates win for working people on Election Day.

    Representative-elect Conor Lamb didn’t just ask for our support — he earned it by opposing unnecessary “right to work” laws, backing protections for coal miners’ pensions and supporting commonsense trade enforcement. Union members made phone calls, knocked on doors, came out to rallies, drove folks to the polls and volunteered in countless other ways to bring home the victory for Pennsylvania’s 18th District.

    The labor movement is coming together to elect more pro-union candidates up and down the ticket who will support an agenda that protects working people’s freedom. Together, we can unrig an economic system built for the rich and powerful. We absolutely have what it takes to win, and we need to know that you’re with us.

    Let us know you’re with us.

    This is our moment to celebrate the win, yes. It’s also the moment to roll up our sleeves and get ready for the work that lies ahead.

    The enemies of our freedoms will not take their defeat quietly. They are going to try every trick in the book to silence working people.

    We’re going to need your help to continue pushing for an agenda that protects our right to organize, ensures our families have a bright future and our retirements are secure, and builds power for the labor movement.

    The win in the state’s 18th District is a wake-up call for every single politician. Earning the support of working people is a high bar that must be cleared with meaningful words and actions—not blind deference to party operatives or corporate interests.

    Click here to sign the pledge, and let us know you’re committed to building power for the labor movement in November.

    In Solidarity,

    Richard Trumka
    President, AFL-CIO

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