• February 16, 2019
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    2019 Q1 Signalman's Journal
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  • BRS 2019 Member Survey

    In order to accurately reflect the needs of all BRS members during the upcoming national negotiations, your participation is encouraged.

    The first step in our contract bargaining is to get your input to outline our contract requirements.

    We encourage you to take a few minutes to fill out this survey.

       LAST NAME:
    1) I am under-compensated for my skills.

    2) Maintainers should receive a pay differential.
    3) We need to negotiate for additional paid holidays.

    4) We need to negotiate for additional vacation days.

    5) Qualifying requirements for vacation and personal leave days should be reduced.

    6) I need more personal leave days.

    7) The next contract should contain compensated sick days.

    8) Expand Bereavement Leave to include grandparents.

    9) Bereavement Leave needs to be expanded from 3 days to 5.
    10) I am satisfied with my level of benefits.

    11) I am satisfied with my level of eye care benefits.

    12) I am satisfied with my level of dentistry benefits.

    13) My co-pays are reasonable.

    14) The current employee cost-sharing contribution is reasonable.
    15) Expand our next contract to include a contributory 401K.

    16) Supplemental sickness benefits should be improved.

    17) Other:
     Please list your top 3 issues by number (choosing from 1-17 above) in order of importance:
    1st most important issue number:

    2nd most important issue number:

    3rd most important issue number:
    1) Please indicate your involvement with PTC: (check all that apply)   Installation
      No involvement

    2) Have you received training on PTC equipment?   Yes     No

    3) If yes, was the training sufficient for you to properly perform your job duties pertaining to PTC?   Yes     No     N/A
    4) Any additional comments concerning PTC:

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