• January 18, 2019
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  • National Labor Relation Board
    Favors Management Over
    The Working Man
    Updated On: Dec 15, 2017

    In an age where the “working man” is who the President of the United States claims to represent, and whom he claims to love him, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recent request for comments suggests a different direction of the Administration. In 2014, the NLRB established a more efficient process and expedited rules controlling Union Representation Elections in the work place. The rules provided easier access and use of electronic forms, as well as shortening the period of time elapsing prior to the election. The rules made it more difficult for companies to bring in outside organizations to run anti-union campaigns, as well as shortening the time for the company to intimidate and strike fear into its employees in favor of the Union. Recently, the NLRB put out a notice for public comment on the rules, after only two and a half years, they are asking if the rules should stay the same, change, or be rescinded completely. The Republican Board members, with history on the management side of labor relations, claimed that these rules would create “ambush elections” at their inception; however, statistics show that it has only made for a more efficient process, with the Union winning percentage remaining about the same as it was prior to the new rules. Though we are governed by different rules under the Railway Labor Act (RLA), versus the National Labor Relations Act (RLA), this is an attempt of corporate lobbyist to diminish the progress made and further tilt the playing field in their favor. Though the questions posed, ask whether the Rule should be changed, the Majority answered the Democrat Board members’ dissents by claiming, “It is surprising that the board lacks unanimity about merely posing three questions about the 2014 election rule, when none of the questions suggests a single change in the board’s representation-election procedures”.

    The NLRB has already overturned prior decisions and precednets, wasting no time in starting to undue the progress made under the previous Adminstration. As Union members, we must remain united in our push for progress, while protecting the victories and progress we have already made. It is urged that each member submit a public comment to answer “management’s” questions, and support the Election rules that allow our fellow working Americans to band together as Union members.

    CLICK HERE to view the Notice and Request

    CLICK HERE to submit your comments

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