• February 07, 2023
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  • Senate Enforces Tentative Agreement
    Updated On: Dec 02, 2022

    Tentative Agreement Enforced, Sick Days Voted Down in the Senate

    December 1, 2022 Today, the United States Senate passed House Joint Resolution 100 which would enforce the tentative agreement from September 15, 2022. The Bill will now go to the desk of the President of the United States for signature. Once signed, it will become law and end this round of National Negotiations. What took place in the United States Senate today is a symptom, and further illustration, of a larger issue in our country. Almost every elected member of Congress campaigns on being “for the working class”; the actions of many today demonstrated they are for the corporate class. The dereliction of duty and inability to hold corporations accountable for a lack of good faith to their employees will not be forgotten. Those who spoke against us provided no basis and resorted to their only skill set: passing blame and avoiding the issues. Members of Congress and the Railroads alike should know one simple truth, the Signalmen will not be silenced. This country does not run without the efforts of the American working class, of which we are proud members. An infringement on the right of one is an infringement on the rights of all.

    As Signalmen, we are professionals in our craft, which demands sacrifices and requires multiple skill sets; we will continue our essential work and keep America running. The political pandering and showboating by the elected officials in the Railroad’s pockets will not diminish our resolve nor remove the respect each Signalman is owed for keeping the economy afloat on a daily basis. Whether you are a Signal Technician in Missouri, a System Foreman in Washington, or a Signal Maintainer in South Carolina — you should be proud of your efforts and the work you do. It is imperative that each of you remain engaged in our fight, as we will continue to push our issues. Together we will continue to promote the welfare of all Signalmen and all working-class Americans. We thank those that stand with us.

  • Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen

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